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The Flange Solutions App & Why Automated Systems are the Future of Oil & Gas.

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Having worked with multiple companies, whether it’s been onsite field services, machinery management or technical support assignments we’ve consistently seen the difficulties operators deal with using paper-based management systems. As a company who deals with complex gas turbines to basic pipe flanges, we’ve created digital workflow tools that remove the frustration, re-work and uncertainty that everyone experiences. The Flange Solutions web and mobile application is our answer to process pipe flange management.

The oil & gas industry is ‘always-on’ and is constantly challenged with the need to improve quality, productivity, return on investment and compliance. Digitalisation has slowly crept into this sector, yet resulted in more confusion and bottlenecks when the majority of workflow elements are still managed by legacy systems.

The reason for this is due to the fear of ‘rip and replace’ approaches, where technology becomes the driver over business. The reality is that in today’s world, technology is the enabler for business, given that it’s development is driven by the industry itself – people who understand the frustration, re-work and uncertainty that employees are experiencing on a daily basis. Organisations should view digital transformations as a chance to improve the functionality of their facility in a way that doesn’t disrupt the workflow of legacy systems, but digitises and optimises them.

Improving the legacy system can be broken down into 5 parts:

1. Automating Collaboration

There are two primary stages in the document lifecycle that are frustrating to deal with; a) review and b) approval. Legacy systems currently dance between physical paper copies, scanning, digital documents and lengthy email threads. Whilst this is happening, multiple versions of the document end up circulating, time is wasted, people become confused and then finally something gets signed with a wet ink pen – certainly not the best we can do.

The Flange Solutions software developed by Rotation Solutions allows the job of breaking and remaking of joints to be created, reviewed and approved electronically. This gives a single source of truth, ensuring everyone is working with the most recent task, the process is simplified, results are fully documented and there is never any confusion with status or version control.

2. Benefitting from a Centralized Document Repository

Creating and storing documents into physical folders and cabinets can be time-consuming and difficult to track. When centralising documents, creating jobs or completing reports in an automated system, anyone with adequate permissions can access or edit documents simultaneously and from any location or device. Another beneficial feature of the web-based software and tablets apps of Flange Solutions is that even if jobs are shared, updated or completed, searching for current status or reports (or their previous versions) is very easy, with each task discoverable from systematic search filters. Even the ability to track the status of individual flanges in the database is available, meaning you have complete visibility of your facility at any point in time. An already organised job storage database with flexible and accessible documentation that you can trust is sure to make auditing and historical searching simple.

3. Pushing the Advantages of Automated workflows

Understanding industry models, legislation/standards and internal procedures is imperative for a business to maintain the safety of their employees, work efficiency and reduce costs. In reviewing the confusion and re-work caused through the paper-based flange management legacy systems, it is easy to agree that they aren’t pushing the advantages of automated workflow to the level of integrity and safety required in the oil & gas industry. The fully digital workflow system available in the Flange Solutions software ensures your critical process piping is broken, inspected, re-made, leak checked and audited to the levels required and with a consistent, leak-free outcome first time, every time. Automated processes equate to a consistent result to ensure the integrity of your plant and safety of your people.

4. Security & Permissions

When you have a paperless workflow with documents managed in a dedicated application, it’s easy to control who can review, edit and publish a workflow from job creation to completion. The permissions in the Flange Solutions software ensure the right level of oversight is met, making task assignments easy and allowing verification activities to be executed efficiently. The multi-platform software (web based, tablet and mobile) make location constraints an issue of the past, allowing site personnel, remote support, management and engineers to view the job data live, completing assigned tasks efficiently.

5. Technology Integration

The infinite potential that can be found in digital technologies is that they are extremely flexible, and what’s better is the possibility of integrating with other digital applications. Whether it’s a native integration or web service, there’s always the ability to streamline operations even further. An example at Rotation Solutions is our Operational Dashboard, which tracks our KPIs across a myriad of platforms, thanks to technology integration. Its with processes like these that result in closing the gap to perfect automation and productivity. What Flange Solutions offers is the opportunity to unlock significant cost savings, efficiency and quality for the industry, integrating with your existing technology, dashboard and plant operational status reporting software.

Promote safety, efficiency and reputability with Flange Solutions.

To enquire on a tech demo contact: enquiries@rotationsolutions.com.au

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